Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loves Ashes

Marble cold, exact
rushing water - kissing
nakedness, of time lost

Hear rushing water
skipping stones, hands
touch, harmony exchanged

a distant star, a glimpse
of fate as two birds spring
free, we all must leave...

Electrify night
long since our meeting in
secret caves, and streaks

of rain coat your face with
loves ashes, earths explosion
long ago.

Marble dries in sunlight, color
fades at sunset, time shall not
replace you kissing stone

tucked from light of day
a lighted path, love arrives -
echoes in autumn, your

voice. One year has
depleted streams
love to rock is marble still

I shall want you until moonlight
disappears, a world beyond
to fold in flesh, not stone...

I see you - still, as air is changing
color as light flickers through
trees, losing life.

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